20 Easter Basket Ideas for Babies & Toddlers



I just love putting Easter baskets together.  The Saturday before Easter is the day that we do a treasure hunt to find the baskets, and it’s anticipated by everyone. My kids are already talking about it, and it’s one of our favorite traditions. This year I’m especially looking forward to my two year old finding her basket, because she’s started to catch on to what it’s all about! I also loved her baby Easter basket–there’s something so special about a “first.”With Easter coming up in a couple of weeks, I’ve gathered my favorite Easter basket ideas for babies and toddlers.

20 Easter Basket Ideas for Babies & Toddlers | oldsaltfarm.com

I always include some kind of toy in the baskets for my babies and toddlers, and wooden toys are my favorite. Fisher-Price sent me the toys to try out for free, and it was an exciting day when they arrived! I absolutely adore this darling Hungry Humpback Shape Sorter by Fisher-Price. (Target, $15 sale price). My two year old loves playing with it–not only using the shape sorter, but also stacking the blocks and using the whale in imaginative play. I appreciate a toy that can be used in more than one way, and encourages imagination, and this one does both. It sits on its hind fins, so it makes it easy for her when she wants to fit the blocks in the shapes. It’s for ages 6 months and up, so it works for both babies and toddlers. I also love that it’s a high-quality toy worth investing in. In my experience, wooden toys bring with them a sturdiness that’s perfect for little one, and this one is no different. It’s already a favorite at our house.

20 Easter Basket Ideas for Babies & Toddlers | oldsaltfarm.com

It’s perfect for an Easter basket, either inside or sitting next to it.

20 Easter Basket Ideas for Babies & Toddlers | oldsaltfarm.com

20 Easter Basket Ideas for Babies & Toddlers | oldsaltfarm.com

Another darling wooden toy that’s just the right size for an Easter basket is this Fisher-Price Wooden Toys Shape-imals Owl. (Target, $4.80 sale price) My little girl loves carrying it around wherever she goes, and it fits perfectly in this little purse she likes to carry around. It’s also easy to tuck into my diaper bag, so it works well at home and on the go.

20 Easter Basket Ideas for Babies & Toddlers | oldsaltfarm.com

20 Easter Basket Ideas for Babies & Toddlers | oldsaltfarm.com

I just love finding adorable toys that I know my little ones will love, and that will last through all the playing! Fisher-Price has an entire wooden toys collection of the the cutest toys around–I want them all!  I know they’ll be in my two year old’s Easter basket this year.

20 Easter Basket Ideas for Babies & Toddlers | oldsaltfarm.com

Here are 20 more adorable Easter basket ideas for babies and toddlers! 

*This list contains ideas for both babies and toddlers, so make sure you check the appropriate age levels on all toys and food first.

wooden toys

-big crayons/coloring book

-stuffed animals

-Goldfish, animal crackers, or baby crackers, yogurt melts, etc.


-sand toys

-new bottles, cup, spoon, fork, etc.

-board books

-alphabet magnets

-teething ring



-new spring/summer pajamas

-bath toys

-wooden blocks

-little purse

-chunky cars

-lacing cards

You could go with a theme, and put a collection of items that all fit together, or you can just choose some favorites and put them together! Either way, they’re sure to love it!

What are you putting in your baby or toddler’s Easter basket this year?

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This post is sponsored by Fisher-Price. All opinions are 100% mine.


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