Dry Erase Chalkboard Chore Chart

I love chore charts for a bunch of reasons, but the whole key is in finding one that really works for you and your family.  Over the years I’ve tried several different types of charts–some I liked, others I didn’t.  I don’t like them to be complicated, or have a lot of moving parts–I know that for us it just doesn’t work.  My favorite to date is the dry erase chore chart I made several years ago–but it desperately needed to be updated. I thought it would be really fun to make it chalkboard style, so I created a Dry Erase Chalkboard Chore Chart, and it’s perfect!

chalkboard chore chart | oldsaltfarm.com

I created a chalkboard chore chart in photoshop, then had it printed in an 11×14 print at Walmart for $5.  I placed it in my frame, and we were set to go!  I found a Chalkboard Pen at Hobby Lobby for $5 that works perfectly for checking off the chores accomplished, but it wipes off easily when it’s time to start over the next day.

chalkboard chore chart | oldsaltfarm.com

Okay, so I realize many of you may not have Photoshop, but you can create it in Picmonkey, which is totally free and pretty user-friendly.

I posted all about how to create your own chalkboard printable in PicMonkey, and it includes the chalkboard background, all of my favorite fonts, and a detailed step-by-step process.

And just for fun…

I’m including a fun chalkboard printable, When We’re Helping We’re Happy!  Just click on the image so it will open up bigger, then right click and save to your computer.  Then you’re ready to upload it for printing!

Chalkboard Printable Download

***I’ve had a lot of requests for an editable file, and I’m happy to share my psd file.  It’s for Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. It’s not totally complete–I lost the original when my computer crashed–but there’s enough there that you can copy and paste different layers and change the text to make it your own!


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