Don’t Eat Pete! A Simple & Fun Game for Kids and Families

Our family has been playing Don’t Eat Pete for years, and it has remained my kids’ most requested game ever!  It’s easy to play, making it perfect for even the youngest players, but fun enough for the oldest ones too.  Our copy finally bit the dust this past week, so I created a new one, and wanted it to share it with all of you!

don't eat pete | free printable |

 The concept is simple.  Try to get as much candy as you can.  ☺


Place a piece of candy on each picture. The first players turns their back, while everyone else chooses a picture to be “Pete”.  When the player turns around, they point to one picture at a time, taking the candy that’s on it, trying to avoid “Pete”.  When they point to “Pete”, everyone shouts out “Don’t Eat Pete!”, and that player’s turn is over.  Add more candy, and rotate through all the players. You can repeat as much as you like!

don't eat pete | free printable |

This game is a staple at our family night, and my kids would play this for 42 rounds if I let them!  We usually use Skittles, but you could use M&Ms or any small candy–even raisins, marshmallows, or goldfish.  It’s perfect for class parties, kids’ parties, family night…or anytime!

 don't eat pete | free printable |

To download:

You have a couple of options–you can click on the image below to enlarge, then save it to your computer.  Insert it into Word as a picture (landscape orientation), then print.

don't eat pete | free printable | oldsaltfarm.comOr…you can download the following file:

Don’t Eat Pete: PDF

I printed the file on white cardstock, then trimmed the edges so they would be close to all the pictures. I matted it onto scrapbook paper, then laminated it.  My laminator can only do up to 9 inches wide, so I knew I had to trim the game if I wanted to mat it.  If you don’t want to mat it, then the cardstock is the right size to go through a standard home laminator.  Or…if you are planning to take it somewhere else to get laminated (Office Max, Staples, etc.) they can laminate bigger pieces, so you could print it as is, mat it on a larger piece of scrapbook paper, and then take it to be laminated.

Once it’s ready to go, get ready to play it A LOT!!!  ☺



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