DIY Outdoor Hopscotch

We finished our DIY Paver Patio last week, and I had a stack of leftover pavers.  We had already used what we needed around the campfire and yard, so I decided to make something fun for the kids with them, and Outdoor Hopscotch was the perfect answer!

DIY Outdoor Hopscotch | simply

It’s already hugely popular with my kids, and I’m excited to have one more thing outside in our backyard. It’s perfect for the littles, and for big kids too!

SAFETY ALERT: This is not where they’ll actually be—I just had them here so I could take pictures (easier to see), while we decide where they’ll go in the yard.  Then we we will push them down in the dirt, so they’re flush with the ground.  We want to be as safe as possible, and I recommend you doing the same!

DIY Outdoor Hopscotch | simply

The pavers I used are 10 x 7.5 inches, and I wanted the hopscotch squares to be bigger than that, so I just put two together.  It was the perfect way to use the leftovers!  If you are buying the for this project, they don’t need to be expensive, and you can get the larger size when you buy them, if you prefer that.  Originally when I decided to make these, I had planned to use the larger size, but I love using up what we already have (to save money!), and so I altered my plan–and it works great.

DIY Outdoor Hopscotch | simply

This is a super quick and easy project–even with drying time we were using this in less than two hours.  Love that too!



SUPPLIES: (affiliate links included below)

-paver stones

spray paint in desired colors 

vinyl numbers



  1.  I used 20 paver stones sized 7.5 x 10 inches–and put two together for each number, making the hopscotch numbers each 15 x 10 inches. If you use larger ones, you will probably only need 10.
  2. Spray paint the tops of your pavers white. You can leave them the gray color if you want to, it will still work, but I liked the white! Let dry completely.
  3. Place your numbers on each paver (or two together).  I placed the number so that the line in between the pavers was horizontal. I used my Silhouette to cut out my vinyl numbers (Font: Arial Black, sized to 6 inches in height). If you don’t have a vinyl cutter, you could purchase the vinyl from a craft or hobby store, print numbers on the computer and cut them out, then trace on to the vinyl and cut them out again. I think you could even use paper too–just print the numbers, cut them out, and adhere them to the brick with double stick tape or something similar.  Since you’ll be using spray paint on top of it, they won’t need to be as secure as if you were using a brush.  It might be worth a try!!
  4. One your numbers are on, cover the pavers and numbers with your desired spray paint. I used pink, yellow, green, and blue, and just alternated numbers.  Let dry completely.
  5. Remove the vinyl numbers, and you’re set to go!

SO much fun!

DIY Outdoor Hopscotch | simply

DIY Outdoor Hopscotch | simply

DIY Outdoor Hopscotch | simply

DIY Outdoor Hopscotch | simply

DIY Outdoor Hopscotch | simply

DIY Outdoor Hopscotch | simply

I really love this project…and so do my kids!  It’s a win!

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  1. What type of spray paint did you use? So excited to try this! My MIL is getting rid of her pavers and was happy to let me have them for this!!

    1. I used Rustoleum spray paint, in different glossy, bright colors! Have fun!!

  2. This is such a cute idea! My six year old would probably be outside hopscotching all day. I am putting this on the summer bucket list!

  3. We did this idea at our old house, but just chalked the numbers on. We had to leave them behind when we moved, but the new owners found them one day and thought it was such a fun surprise!

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