DIY Halloween picture frames

Hi, it’s Jessica from Mommy Envy! Once September hits I like to pull out the Fall and Halloween decor. Fall is my favorite season and I feel like it never sticks around long enough. And winter is my least favorite so I try to make Fall last as long as possible.

My kids and I have been feeling a little cooped up this week. We typically walk every morning but I have a knee injury and haven’t felt like walking much. With a few left over supplies from other projects my oldest and I put together these fun DIY Halloween Picture Frames.

Halloween DIY picture holders for

I used some scrape pieces of wood and craft paint left over from other projects. The ends were a bit rough from the saw so I sanded them down a bit and then we painted them. I absolutely love using purple and green in my Halloween decor. And my little helper was so excited to paint with me!

crafting with kids. Halloween decor idea with kids.

What we used:

  • 3 pieces of scrap 1x6s
  • sandpaper (80 and 220)
  • Acrylic craft paint (purple, orange and green)
  • Foam paint brushes
  • Furniture wax or conditioner (Howards – smells like oranges!)
  • Metal thumb tack and binder clip for each picture frame

I sanded each piece before we started painting. This project was really easy for my 3 year old to help with. We just made sure he was in a shirt that could get paint on it. After a coat or two we let them dry. I then sanded them with a fine grit sandpaper to distress them a little. I like to use Howards Furniture was and conditioner on projects like these (Home Depot) because it smells like oranges and it’s just to make a nice finish. It isn’t there to protect it like a wax protects painted furniture (I use finishing paste for furniture). I then used metal thumb tacks to place the binder clips on the wood. I could have used tiny nails but the thumb tacks were better for keeping the binder clips on the wood.

Halloween Picture Frames with Halloween pictures

I’ve never printed our Halloween pictures but now I think I will. Until I do, I just did a little photo editing to the above picture. I showed it to my oldest and he was so excited to see last year’s costumes again! We like to dress up our family in a theme of costumes each year and I can’t wait for this year’s!

There are so many fun projects you can do with left over craft supplies. Last year I made these Boo Blocks. Now, I didn’t make them from left over pieces but you might be able to.

I also made this fun orange ombre picture frame at the same time. You can get all the details on my blog here.

Orange ombre DIY picture frame

{DIY Halloween Boo Blocks}

Easy DIY Halloween Decor - Boo Blocks

You can see last year’s costumes up close here:

{DIY Planes Theme Halloween Costumes}

Planes Family Halloween Costumes



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