{d is for dad & g is for grandpa} paper sack cards & printable

I’ve had a bunch of requests for the Father’s Day paper sack printables, and I’m happy to oblige.  :) In case you didn’t see the original post, these are based on my Paper Sack Mother’s Day Cards, and you can find a complete tutorial HERE.
I love these just has much when they’re made for dads and grandpas, because I’m in love with the questions kids are able to answer. When I did this with the kids at church for the moms, I laughed and cried (silently, of course) as I read some of their answers. SO sweet. SO funny.

 d is for dad paper sack cards | oldsaltfarm.com

I’ve included questions and printables for both dads and grandpas! Just like the Mother’s Day Paper Sack Cards, these can be made for one dad or grandpa, or 100+!  Great for large church groups, and would be really fun for Primary!

d is for dad paper sack cards | simplyierste.com


d is for dad questions

d is for dad tags full sheet

g is for grandpa questions

g is for grandpa tags full sheet

Additional graphics that I made for certain people, and thought I would share!

p is for pops p is for pop-pop p is for paw-paw p is for papa

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    1. Hello, Shannon!! I’m doing printables through FB now, so if you’re on Facebook, go to my page and click at the top on “Free Printables”. If you’re not on FB, please let me know!! xo

  1. Thanks so much for these! Can I also get the “papa’, ‘grandpa’, and ‘paw paw’ printable questions list?

    1. Hello, Jennifer! Are you on FB? You can access all printables on my page, under Free Printables at the top. If you’re not on FB, please let me know!! xo

  2. When I print the dad questions it just comes out as solid lines, no questions. (It’s weird, because when I look at the pdf file, it looks fine.) Will you email it to me?

  3. I’m also having problems printing the dad questions file- the tags come out just fine, but the questions won’t even open as a PDF for me. I’d like to use these for my preschoolers at church- they are so adorable! Thanks for your help!

  4. Kierste: Thanks so much for updating the template for the Father’s Day Measuring Tape idea. Just to let you know, I found the round measuring tapes online at 4AllPromos.com. I ordered 60 and only paid .59 each for them! I had to pay for shipping but they still only came out to .75 each. Thought your viewers might want to know if they are doing a large project like this for Father’s Day. It took a little over a week to receive the items in the mail so there is still time to order for this Father’s Day.
    Thanks again!!

    1. Ava, thank you!!! This is awesome information, and I’m so glad you shared it with us! That’s a GREAT price!!! xo

  5. We love this idea and did the Mother’s day one. However the link isn’t working for the fathers day printables, would you be able to send me the d is for dad? Thanks!

  6. I am also having a hard time finding the download for the d is for dad/g is for grandpa book.

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