Cozy Winter Pajamas & Sleepwear

A collection of cozy and comfy winter pajamas and sleepwear for the fall and winter!

There’s not much that I love more than being cozy. It’s one of my favorite things about winter! Having really comfy sleepwear and loungewear is really important to me, and it brings me joy. When I’m home, I like to wear something really comfortable, and that includes during the day and night.

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I recently came across a new brand called Joyspun, found at Walmart. They feature feel-good sleepwear, pajamas, loungewear, and intimates, and the best news…they look so cozy and comfy! Every time I’m at Walmart I check out their clothes and sleepwear sections…I’ve found some of my most favorite items there. I can’t wait to give a couple of these a try, and I thought I’d share them with you, in case you love comfy as much as I do!

Cozy Winter Sleepwear from Walmart

Shop Winter Sleepwear

I’ve included different pajama pants and sets that I’m excited about. I love jogger style pants, but sometimes I’m in the mood for the wider leg version. My teenage girls love sleep shorts even in the winter, and even though we live where it’s freezing cold! They pair them with an oversized sweatshirt and love them. If you live where it’s warm, you can be cozy too! I’ve even added a sleep cardigan on the list, because I’m totally obsessed with cardigans. (I don’t want to count how many I have in my closet…) And a cozy cardigan to wear with my cozy pajama pants? Yes, please!

All of these items come with a bunch of different color and pattern choices, so there are lots of options. These also make great gift ideas for the holidays too!

Sleep Cardigan (4 colors)

Sleep Robe (8 colors):

Long Sleeve Pajama Set (4 colors)

Jogger Style Pajama Set (8 colors)

Terry Pajama Set with Graphics (12 colors)

Jogger Pajama Pants with Tie (12 colors)

Sleep Shorts (8 colors)

Wide Leg Knit Pajama Pants (8 colors)

Hooded Midi Sleep Chemise (4 colors)

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