Cozy Thanksgiving Decor Farmhouse Favorites

A collection of cozy Thanksgiving decor farmhouse favorites for your home and kitchen.

When I think of the holiday season, the first word that comes to mind is “cozy”. My favorite things almost always revolve around the feeling they invoke, and in the holiday months, that’s even more the case.

Adding just a few simple touches can really make such a difference, and I’m always looking for things that inspire all of my five senses. Yummy smelling candles, darling kitchen items, cozy blankets and throw pillows, simple greenery along with lovely textures and details.

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Farmhouse Thanksgiving Kitchen

I am drooling over these darling kitchen items! Gravy is one of our family’s favorites at Thanksgiving dinner, and when I immediately loved these adorable ladles. The copper casserole dishes are simply stunning, and work perfectly from oven to table. They’d be a beautiful addition to any Thanksgiving table! I couldn’t resist adding the “happy” platter–how charming! It can be used all year long, not just at Thanksgiving.

I’m a huge fan of grain stripe fabric, and I love love using it on my table as a runner or napkins. Or both! And the super cute utensil holders? Love! Any of these items would also make perfect hostess gifts, if you’re going to be guests this year for Thanksgiving dinner.

Cozy Thanksgiving Decor for Home

Who can resist a yummy smelling fall candle? Not me! I love my home to smell good, and it emits such a cozy feeling. The smell of wood burning is one of my favorite fall and winter smells, and I also love seeing a stack of wood logs inside my home. I like to place them inside a wire basket and set them on my hearth.

And cozy blankets…not only do they make lovely decor, but I like to have enough of them for our whole family. I found the Thankful pillow in a darling boutique near me, and then happened to stumble across it online. I’m thrilled to be able to share it with you, because it’s my new favorite!

And here’s wishing you a very cozy Thanksgiving and holiday season!

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