10 Ideas For Coloring Easter Eggs with Kids

Tonight we’re coloring eggs for Family Night, and the eggs are boiling away on the stove.  It’s one of my favorite  Easter activities to do with my kids, and they always love it.  I’m kind of a low maintenance girl when it comes to dyeing Easter eggs.  I love doing things that are easy, don’t require a lot of supplies, but are creative and fun. I’ve seen some fabulous ideas out there–beautiful and intricate and lovely–but those are ones that I’ll save for myself to do!   Simple is still my favorite way to go, especially when it comes to kids. I’ve collected 10 Fun & Easy Ideas for Coloring Easter Eggs with Kids–they are ones that that I’ve come across and loved–that are either specifically for kids, or are easily adapted to be so. Most of them require few supplies but lots of creativity…PERFECT!

10 Fun & Easy Ideas for Decorating Easter Eggs with Kids | oldsaltfarm.com

{Chalkboard Easter Eggs–Oleander & Palm}

These would need to be prepped ahead of time…sprayed with chalkboard paint first, and be totally dry.  I just think this looks so fun for kids, to draw with chalk on eggs!!!

Chalkboard Eggs | Easter Eggs For Kids | oldsaltfarm.com

{Dinosaur Eggs, Our Best Bites}

So easy, and so cool!  My boys would LOVE LOVE this!!!

Dinosaur Eggs | Easter Egg Ideas for Kids | oldsaltfarm.com

{Kool-Eggs, Hey! Jen Renee}

Just the fact that you’re using Kool-Aid means kids will love them!  The colors are fabulous, too!

Kool-aid Eggs | Easter Egg Ideas for Kids | simpylkierste.com

Kool-aid Eggs | Easter Egg Ideas for Kids | simpylkierste.com

{Rubber Band Eggs, Better Homes & Gardens}

All it takes is your normal dye kit and some fat rubber bands to create these darling eggs!  Kids will have a blast, trying to tie the rubber bands on different ways to see the end result!

Rubber Band Eggs | Easter Egg Ideas for Kids | oldsaltfarm.com

{Stamped Easter Eggs, Lovely Indeed}

How cute are these?  Dye eggs like normal, then let your kids stamp away! You could use words, shapes, or designs.  Fun & easy!

Stamped Eggs | Easter Egg Ideas for Kids | oldsaltfarm.com

{Sparkly Dot Easter Eggs, Domestifluff}

I’m a polka dot girl, so I have to admit, this is one of my favorites.  :)  What I love about this idea is that she not only includes the directions for glitter, but also a kid-friendly option using decorative sugar!  What a GREAT idea!!!

Sparkle Eggs | Easter Egg Ideas for Kids | oldsaltfarm.com

{Painted Eggs, Punchbowl}

I think these are super cute, and how easy!  Color eggs like normal, then just use acrylic paint and paintbrush to create different designs!  When you use washable paint, it’s most definitely kid-friendly!

Easter eggs

{Crayon Eggs, Kaboose}

For this cool look, you just need warm eggs and crayons!!  Such fun for any kid around!

eggs crayon

{EASY decorated eggs…perfect for toddlers}

Who says you have to dye the eggs? Sometimes with very small children, you want to skip the mess altogether, but still want to continue the tradition of decorating eggs together.  How about just decorating plain, white hardboiled eggs with crayons?  What a fun and unique surface for a little one, plus super easy and best clean-up around!  They won’t know the difference, they’ll have a great time, and you really can’t get any more low-key.

{Rice Krispie Easter Egg Treats, Key Ingredient}

Okay, okay–these have nothing to do with dyeing eggs, but they are so cute I just couldn’t resist!  What a fun treat to have anytime during the Easter season!

eggs rice krispies

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