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When we built Old Salt Farm, I knew I wanted to set aside a space to be my cleaning closet.  I was hoping to create an area in our mudroom, but we just couldn’t get the plans to work out that way, so instead I designated the closet that would normally be the hall closet as my new cleaning closet.  It’s near the kitchen, and central to the rest of the house, so I knew it would work. I’m so glad I made the switch, and without a doubt it’s been worth giving up the hall closet for.  I recently redid a few things, and I’m excited to show you my Cleaning Closet Organization, and how I keep everything in its place!

Cleaning Closet Makeover | Organization Ideas | #cleaningcloset #cleaningtips #cleaningideas #closetmakeover


This post is sponsored by Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart, and as always, 100% of the opinions about their super cute product are mine! Affiliate links are included for you convenience.

With a few baskets, jars, and hooks, I was able to whip the space into shape in no time.  I also couldn’t resist a few polka dots to give it a little charm, since I’m looking inside of it several times a day! Better Homes & Gardens has my favorite storage baskets, including these darling wire chalkboard baskets.  They come in two different sizes, and they’re perfect for my cleaning closet shelves. I love the liner (which is removable) because it hides what’s in the baskets, but I also get the super cute wire look at the same time. The baskets are roomy, and I can easily fit in there what I need to.


I also filled glass jars with some fun soaps, cleaning brushes, and clothespins, and they’re perfect on my cart. The second shelf of the cart has the cutest wire baskets by Better Homes & Gardens that I keep my cleaning rags in, and the third shelf is for my recyclable grocery bags.

The baskets on the shelves contain:

-batteries, flashlight


-extra cleaning supplies

-grocery sacks

I also have a cleaning caddy with my regular cleaning supplies, and I carry this around the house with me when I clean the bathrooms and other areas.

On the side of the closet I have hooks for my broom, mop, and duster, and the vacuum sits right next to them.

P.S.  See the cords on the far left, top shelf? That’s our router!  This closet is in the center of the house, and we put it here so our entire home would get better reception–and it’s hidden, instead of being in our office.

I love love love it!

Cleaning Closet Makeover | Organization Ideas | #cleaningcloset #cleaningtips #cleaningorganization #organizationideas





Glass Jars

Small Chalkboard Wire Baskets

Large Chalkboard Wire Baskets

Satin Wire Storage Baskets






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  1. What a beautiful closet! Love the polka dots. I’m amazed at any closet where you can see the floor and there is extra space available!

  2. I love this!! We are in the early planning stages of adding to our home, and I need a designated cleaning closet. I love your ideas. Where did you get the cart?

    1. It’s from Michaels! I bought it online, not in-store. Ikea also has similar carts!

  3. Like your cleaning schedule. Love, love the polka dots! Something I can do in my cleaning closet. Thank you for sharing.

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