Valentine’s Day Game…Don’t Eat My Valentine!

One of our favorite family games is called “Don’t Eat Pete”.  We love to play it on Family Night, which we have once a week on Monday evenings.  It’s a very simple but super fun game, and my kids especially love that they get candy. (Or mini marshmallows if I don’t have any candy on hand!)  This week I’m helping with one of my kindergartner’s Valentine’s Day party, and I knew this would be a perfect Valentine’s Day game!

Don't Eat My Valentine | Valentine's Day Game for Kids|

It’s a simple game, but kids of all ages love to play it, so it works for any elementary school grade, plus kindergarten and preschool! My girls are in 4th grade, and they love it as much as my six year olds.

How do you play?

*Have the kids sit in a circle on the floor, or around a table where they can all see the game.

*Place a piece of candy (you can also use mini marshmallows or raisins) on each heart.

*Have one child turn around so he can’t see the game board.

*The other children choose one of the hearts to be the “valentine” by pointing to it (not saying anything aloud.

*The child turns back around, and he/she begins pointing to the hearts one-by-one.  If they choose a heart that’s not the chosen valentine heart, they get to keep the piece of candy.  If they point to the “valentine” heart, their turn ends.

*Repeat so each child gets a turn, at least once! (If it’s anything like my house, the kids never want to stop!)

Don't Eat My Valentine | Valentine's Day Game for Kids|

To download the printable game, just click on the link below and print onto white card stock.  I like to laminate my game boards, to protect them from sticky hands! I LOVE having a laminator at home–my favorite is an affordable one by 3M! {affiliate link}


Don’t Eat My Valentine Game!

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