Christmas Mason Jar Gift Set

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In addition to the in-store Michael’s Pinterest party last weekend (and it was SO fun), I threw a Pinterest Party at my house this week for some of my friends, and we had a FABULOUS time!  I love the idea of getting together with friends for a party to create some of the things that you see on Pinterest…to not just pin, but make it! I, of course, am a huge advocate for DIY projects, so this is exciting to me. Plus…it’s so much more fun to craft and create with friends!  For my party, I went with a DIY gift theme, and decided on one of my favorite gifts to give, with a Christmas spin…a Christmas Mason Jar Gift Set! You can either give them as an entire drinking glass set, or fill them with treats, jam, hot fudge, homemade caramels…whatever you like…and give them individually.

christmas mason jar gift set |

I’ve given lots of these sets for wedding gifts, and I absolutely adore them.  Using mason jars as drinking glasses is so trendy right now, and this gift set makes a darling gift–plus it’s super easy to put together, and reasonable in cost.  They can be themed for any season or holiday, and they’re perfect for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and any other celebration!  Cupcake liners are used as the lid, and the straws are poked right through!  The liners are inexpensive, and are an easy way to incorporate the colors you want for any party, celebration, or gathering. You could give the just one jar, with the cupcake liner on it, and filled with yummy Christmas treats…

With Christmas coming soon, I decided go with a Christmas theme–they’re just the thing to add charm to your holiday parties, and in your own home.  I invited some of good friends, bought all of my supplies at Michael’s, and made some yummy treats, and got everything ready for the big day!

So…here are some pictures from my Pinterest Party, along with the directions for making your Christmas Mason Jar Gift Set!

christmas mason jar gift set |


-case of half pint mason jars, in the box

-spray paint


-distress ink

-double stick tape

-cupcake liners (the ones I used are by Martha Stewart)

-matching paper straws



1.  First…I set the table with all of my supplies. I like giving each person their own “station”, with their basic project supplies.  In the middle of the table I put all the extra things they’ll need, like tape, scissors, paper trimmers, etc.  When everything is organized, it makes it so much easier!

christmas mason jar dift set |

christmas mason jar gift set |

christmas mason jar gift set |

2.  To make the jars, remove the jar lids and rings, and spread a cupcake liner over the top of the jar (no lid), then screw the ring back in place. Then the straws can poke right through the liner!

christmas mason jar gift set |

christmas mason jar gift set |

christmas mason jar gift set |

christmas mason jar gift set |

christmas mason jar gift set |

christmas mason jar gift set |

3.  I love that the jars come in the perfect carrying case–but they aren’t so cute.  ☺ But it’s an easy fix! I do spray paint them, but it’s really hard to completely cover everything up.  So…I do two coats of paint, well enough to cover the small sides and top and bottom edges that are going to show. Once they’re completely dry. I cut out cardstock for all four sides as follows:  2 long sides at 11 inches x 3.5 inches, and 2 short sides at 8 inches x 3.5 inches.  Distress the edges if desired, then use double stick tape to adhere it to each side. You could mod podge it on if you wanted to, and if you thought the case would get a lot of heavy use.

I use paper because I like adding things like the washi tape and initial, but you could use chalkboard paint or even fabric. I also didn’t use a patterned scrapbook paper on the sides, because my liners had a pattern as well as the straws, and I didn’t want it to be too busy.

christmas mason jar gift set |

christmas mason jar gift set |

4. Once your paper has been adhered, you can add any additional embellishments you like.  I’m kind of obsessed with washi tape, so added a piece on one of the sides, along with the monogram of the person I was giving mine to.  I also tied the straws together with a piece of twine to match the cardboard paper I used on the sides.

christmas mason jar gift set |

Now you’ve got a darling gift that’s perfect for a hostess gift, teacher gift, or a gift for a friend or family member. Really, anyone.  ☺

We had such a fun time–it was a very successful Pinterest party!! I really can’t wait for the next one.

Make your pins a reality…and have a Pinterest Party!

· Michaels offers customizable party supplies like cups, napkins and balloons available online to personalize your event

· Follow the hashtag #MPinterestParty to see how others are making their pins a reality

· The Michaels Décor Guide has tons of ideas and projects to make spreading the holiday cheer throughout your house easy. Navigate through the online version, download a copy, or pick up one at your local Michaels!

I’d also love to see what you make–send me pictures!!!

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    1. They are actually drinking glasses–you poke the straws through the cupcake liners on top!

    1. I got them at Michael’s! They are by Martha Stewart, and they were on an endcap in my store. They are even cuter in person. :)

  1. Love these, they are SO CUTE!! Thanks for sharing and thanks for making and not just “pinning”.

  2. I am planning on making some homemade caramels and was trying to think of a cute container…this would be PERFECT!

  3. These are so cute, I, guess, I am off to Michaels today. I think I will fill mine with goodies to give to co-workers and neighbors. Thanks for the idea.

    Soul Wishes

  4. Thanks for letting me be a part! You’ve inspired me to pull out a few of my “pinned” projects and get a move on it :) Love you, Kierste!

  5. Love this idea – perfect for the canned jam and salsa I’m planning on giving away this holiday!

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