Bunny Tail Service Jar

Easter is about a month away, and I wanted to do something to really promote kindness and service both within the walls of our own home, and outside of them, so this week I created a Bunny Tail Service Jar.  It’s a way of teaching my children that Easter is more than bunnies and colored eggs, and focusing on what it really means to us.  I’m hoping it will also help my kids be kinder to each other, look for ways to help each other, and create more peace in our home.

Bunny Tail Service Jar | simply kierste.com

I’ve been thinking about doing something for awhile, but after the last couple of weeks, I knew it needed to be now, and the timing was impeccable.

Bunny Tail Service Jar | simply kierste.com

Let’s get real for a minute, shall we?

Kids fight. At least they do at our house.  Recently I’ve felt like it was even more than usual, and we’ve had lots of sentence writing going on.

Bunny Tail Service Jar | simply kierste.com

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Service begins in the home, and when we can serve our family, we can serve others.

The idea is simple.

I started with a clear glass jar , and added a cute pink vinyl bunny that I cut out with my Silhouette Cameo.  You could really use any jar or container—a pail or large mason jar would be cute too! If you don’t have a Silhouette, you could always use a sticker, or add a tag around the top if you plan to use the jar for something else later.  It doesn’t have to be fancy–the jar doesn’t matter, it’s what you do with it!

I gathered a bunch of cotton balls (the bunny tails!), and put them in a ziplock bag, so they would be ready to add to our jar.

Bunny Tail Service Jar | simply kierste.com

Whenever someone does an act of service, the person that was served gets to put a cotton ball in the jar.  If it’s an act of service outside our home, then the kids tell me or their dad about it, and we put a cotton ball in the jar.  It’s a great topic of conversation around the dinner table, and we can talk about how they felt, and what the results were.

Once the jar is filled, we get to make a special treat together!

It’s only been a couple of days since we started, and I have to say there has been a vast difference already.  I’ve seen kids pitching in to help someone put away the dishes because they’re running late for the bus, to surprising someone with a made bed, to reading extra stories to a younger sibling while I’m making dinner–it’s been wonderful to see them thinking of each other, and how they can help. The result of that service is that the person who was served then feels special, and thankful, and is much kinder when an incident comes up.  I’m looking forward to the next month, and we may even go longer than that!

Bunny Tail Service Jar | simply kierste.com

It takes just a few minutes to prepare the service jar, but the effects can be life-lasting.  I’m so glad for our Bunny Tail Service Jar!

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