Bottled Water Printable Tags

So…I’m in moving mode, as you can probably tell from my last few posts.  This blog mirrors my life, and since we’re knee deep in trying to sell our house and move across the country, a lot of my energy has been focused in that direction.  This past weekend we had the first open house after putting our home up for sale, and I always like to leave a little something for anyone that comes through.  Bottled water is perfect to beat the heat, and together with a little chocolate, it will hopefully help them remember us!  ☺ I made some cutey cute bottled water printable tags that add just the right touch!

Bottled Water Printable Tags |

 I just love how they turned out, and all those bottles looked so cute all lined up.  Add the tags were SO easy to do, and I was able to put together around 40 bottles in about 20 minutes.  It’s all in the details, but those details don’t have to take a long time!

Bottled Water Printable Tags |

This is what I did:


 -bottled water

-FREE printable tag (download at end of post)

-bakers twine

-hole punch


1. Remove water bottle labels. You don’t have to do this, but I think it looks so much better–and the tags will stand out more.  The bottles I used had labels that were easy to remove, because they didn’t have adhesive all the way around them–just in one spot.  It was easy to cut and rip them off.

2.  Print the tags, and use a 2 inch circle punch to cut them out.  If you don’t have a circle punch, you can always use a paper trimmer to cut them out into a square instead.

3.  Punch a hole in the top of the tag, and use bakers twine to tie it on to the top of the bottle.

That’s it!  SO SO easy!

These could be put to use in other ways too…


*You can either right click the image below and save to your computer, or click on one of the links for a full sheet of tags.  Files are FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY.

thanks for dropping by: PDF {full sheet}

thanks for dropping by: WORD DOC {full sheet}

Bottled Water Printable Tags |

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