{boba carrier 3G: a mom’s review}

Disclosure:  I was given a Boba Carrier 3G for product review.  All opinions are 100% mine.


  With two little boys at home with me during the day, I knew that it just wouldn’t always be possible to be pushing a stroller–or hold a baby safely while chasing them around. I’ve been looking for a soft pack carrier for the baby for awhile now, but simply hadn’t been able to decide which one I liked best.  After a lot of research I had it narrowed down to three, one of which was the Boba Carrier 3G. So, when I was given the opportunity to try one, I jumped at the chance! I’m here to share my experience and opinion with you, so if you’re also looking, it might help you with some of the same questions that I had, and making your own decision.

boba carrier 3G | oldsaltfarm.com

With  five other kids, I’ve had other carriers, but they were always so uncomfortable.  After 20-3o minutes, my shoulders would be aching,  my back would be hurting, and I would be so uncomfortable.  We’re an active family–we love to hike, camp, and other outdoor activities that would require longer periods of wearing time.  I also wanted it for home–as I’m doing chores around the house, walking kids to school,  or trips to the park. I also had a list of other “wants” I had in a carrier, so as I was searching for a carrier, these are the things I was looking for:

♥ carry a newborn and up through toddler age

♥  be worn both front and back

♥ easy to put on by myself

♥ COMFORTABLE–even after wearing it for a long time

 ♥ one that both my husband I could wear (he’s 6 foot 4 inches)

♥ comfortable & safe for baby

The overall verdict?  I LOVE it.  It met every single one of my criteria, plus some I didn’t know that I had. :) Here are the pros and cons, in my humble opinion…☺


1. It can carry children 7 lbs. – 45 lbs.!  What sold me though, was that it can carry newborns without an additional insert you have to buy, like the other top two of my list. It’s a super easy adjustment to make for babies under 15 lbs, then you switch it back once they’re bigger.

2.  The body of the carrier, the part the baby is laying against, rises 2-3 inches behind their head higher than other carriers. This gives the baby a lot more support behind their head–making it more secure and more comfortable.

3.  It can be worm both in the front, and in the back–perfect for older kids, and stretching out the life of the carrier.  I LOVE this.  It’s not designed for babies to be facing out, but I don’t like for my babies to face out anyway, due to medical research and other reasons.

boba carrier 3G | oldsaltfarm.com

4. Can I tell you how COMFORTABLE it is to wear?  I can honestly wear this for hours (I did today!) and not even feel like I have it on.  Not one little tiny ache in my shoulders or back.  Hooray!

5. It is SUPER easy to put on by myself, after the initial adjustment period of figuring out how it works.  This was really important to me, since I would be on my own most of the time I would be wearing it.

6.  My husband is 6’4″, and I’m 5’7″, and I needed a carrier that could fit both of us.  This one advertises that it fits up to 6’3″, but he has been wearing it with no problems.

7.  It’s ergonomic design makes it really comfortable for baby, and keeps them in a healthy sitting position.

8.  It has an awesome sleeping hood that covers baby’s head when they’re sleeping, or to keep out inclement weather and hot sun.  When it’s not in use, it easily rolls up and zips inside a pocket on the front.

9.  It has lots of extra adjustments for an easier fit, or to accommodate while breastfeeding.

10.  Foot straps!  I think this is ingenious, and I haven’t seen another carrier with them.    They just snap on when you need them, and snap off when you don’t!  They’re perfect for toddlers when they’re on your back, when tired little legs need a rest. It also supports their legs to be in a healthy sitting position.

11.  All of the hardware seems very sturdy and durable–the buckles are high military grade.

12.  SO many cute patterns!  I really wanted the red one in the picture above, but my husband wouldn’t go for it, since he has to wear it too. Darnit.  ☺  They do have designs to fit everyone, though!


1.  I found the instruction manual somewhat lacking–I like to have more visual directions, especially with something like this.  It does have general pictures, and we did figure everything out, but some of it was trial and error.

2.  There are a couple of pockets for storage in the front of the pack, but they are very small–I can really only fit my phone, and a car or house key.  More storage would really be nice, especially when you’re going someplace and don’t want to carry anything additionally on your back.

3.  It’s a bit tricky to get exactly the right fit–it did take wearing it a few times, making adjustments here and there, until it was what I liked.  I suppose that’s going to be the case with any new product like this, but there a lot of buckles and straps to figure out!

4.  It’s not made of breathable or mesh fabric, which I was hoping for.  It’s REALLY hot here in Texas in the summer, and it’s the time of year that I’ll probably wear it the most, with all of our traveling.


We tried out the Boba with not only the baby, but one of our 3 year olds, since he’s still in the weight range. We were able to test out the foot straps, and the back carry.  Jack (my 3 year old) thought it was so comfy and fun, he didn’t want to get out!  Miss Caroline also loves it, and is perfectly happy either being awake or napping.

boba carrier 3G | oldsaltfarm.com

boba carrier 3G | oldsaltfarm.com

boba carrier 3G

and the selfie I took while out with my boys…

boba carrier 3G | oldsaltfarm.com

The cost is around $120, which is more than some carriers, but I think it’s totally worth every single penny. Just the one fact that it can be worn into the toddler years helps stretch the dollars out. I am in heaven–I love love love it!

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