{black friday CRAZINESS with silhouette!}

Happy Black Friday to you! I’m seriously excited to tell you about the amazing deals that Silhouette has not only today, but the whole week!  If you have been wanting a Cameo or Potrait, and have it on your Christmas list, this is the perfect time to grab it up, or put a MAJOR bug in Santa’s ear! This is the lowest I’ve seen Silhouette prices since last year’s Black Friday!!!  The best parts about this Black Friday deal is that you don’t have to leave your house, AND it lasts clear until November 30th!!!

It’s also the perfect time to stock up on all of your other favorite Silhouette supplies–vinyl, heat transfer, fabric interfacing, rhinestones, adhesive stickers, magnet paper, fabric ink, and MORE, because it’s all 40% off!!  WOOT!!!

I made these darling treat sacks using my Cameo, and I’ll share details on how I made them in the next couple of days.

So…here’s the deal!!!!

***The Silhouette CAMEO® + 1 copy of

Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition (MSRP $349.98) for


***The brand new Silhouette Portrait™ is only $179.99!


40%  off at silhouetteamerica.com!

(Use the code: kierste)

(Offer only valid at silhouetteamerica.com. Expires November 30, 2012. Rain checks not available.

% discount excludes Silhouette CAMEO®, Silhouette Portrait™, downloads, download cards, subscriptions, and gift cards).

You have to CLICK HERE to take advantage of the

Cameo and Portrait prices! 


P.S. If any of have you questions about the Silhouette, please comment here, or e-mail me at simplykierste@yahoo.com–I’m happy to help!


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  1. Hi, I just thought I’d let you know that I’m now getting one of these for Christmas!!! :-) I also used your code.

    1. yay, jeanette!!! you will LOVE it! you’ll have to let me know what you make first! :) XO

  2. Hi Kierste! I just posted a big Cyber Monday shopping post, and included Silhouette’s deal and linked it to your blog. I hope that’s okay! Here’s the link in case you want to double check it… http://scrapthissavethat.blogspot.com/2012/11/happy-cyber-monday.html

    I know lots of bloggers were offering he same deal with their own discount codes, but I love reading your blog and thought maybe you could use the boost. My blog is MUCH smaller than yours, but if you can even get a few hits or a sale or two off the extra exposure, then all the better! Good luck with the sale and have an awesome day!!

    1. It’s definitely okay, thank you so much!!! You are so kind to think of me, and add my code to your site–I so appreciate it! Thanks for reading, linking, and commenting! XO

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