The Best Kids’ Bedding Ever + Boys’ Room Sources

This post is sponsored by Beddy’s.  All opinions about their adorable bedding are 100% mine!

I have two, adorable first-grader boys. Since they’ve been old enough to make their bed on their own, they have decided to sleep on top of the covers and use a single blanket, so they wouldn’t have to actually make their bed in the morning.  It’s true.  And I didn’t blame them!  Trying to make a bunk bed (especially the top bunk) is TOUGH!  Then I came across Beddy’s, and knew I had to try it.  It is a dream come TRUE, and the best kids’ bedding ever!  It quite literally has changed lives at our house, and we couldn’t be happier…the boys, and me!

My Favorite Kids' Bedding |

My Favorite Kids' Bedding |

What is Beddy’s bedding? It’s a unique bedding system where the entire bedding fits on the bed like a fitted sheet.  It’s a sheet, and blanket all-in-one, and the top easily zips off and one when needed.  Now all my boys have to do is zip it up in the morning, and their beds are made.  SO easy, and so cute! Plus, the blanket is made out of the softest minky material, and it’s super comfy.

My Favorite Kids' Bedding |

I went with the Game on Gray–gray rugby stripes that can grow with my boys, and they can be used for quite awhile.  I’m just beginning to decorate their room, and I thought the gray stripes were a great place to start.

My Favorite Kids' Bedding |

It washes like a dream.  If you want to just wash the top, it easily unzips off and on again.  Or, take the whole thing off and wash it. Either way, it’s super easy, both to wash and then remake the bed.  Because it goes on like a fitted sheet, then whole bed is made in a couple of minutes!  Seriously…I wish I had discovered them a long time ago.

And…my boys now sleep under the covers.

It’s a win-win, all the way around!


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