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I always think I’m going to remember everything forever. At the moment it seems so unthinkable that I would ever forget, but I do.  It’s why I think journaling is so important.  I didn’t have a successful journal until I found something that worked for me–which I believe is the key.  In my late teens I finally started typing entries on my computer, rather than writing them down.  It was faster, easier to correct, and for me, I was able to keep up with with my train of thought, and always ended up writing more than I would have otherwise. I was thrilled when blogging came around–even better!  I’ve had a family blog for years–I post regularly, and get it printed each year. It’s been my solution to keeping a history of our family, and journaling my thoughts.
I also want my children to capture their experiences and thoughts, and to be able to look back on their growing up years when both their memories and mine have faded. Childhood is magical, and they will never look at things quite the same ever again.  The question became…how to do it? All of my kids except one are six years old and under, and most likely a traditional, blank journal wouldn’t last long. My oldest son would probably write one line and call it good, lol.
So…I created an “All About Me” binder, with a section for each child.  I typed up a journal page consisting of questions that would really work for any age, and that targeted the previous week–remembering their daily lives was a goal for me.  Each Sunday I hand out a journal page, and they can write as much or as little as they want to.  My girls are in 1st grade, so it’s also great writing practice!  If they want to draw and color pictures on the back, that’s even better. My boys don’t write yet, so I’ll wait until they’re a little older for the pages, but they can certainly draw pictures!  Once they’re finished for the day, I slide them into a sheet protector, and put them in their section.

I love that’s all-in-one…just one binder to keep track of!  Depending on how full it got, or big of binder you used, you could start a new one each year, or every couple of years. Each child’s section can easily be copied when they’re grown–how fun to give it as a wedding or college graduation gift!
I’ve attached a copy of my page, in case you’d like to use (both boy and girl versions), but the beauty of this journal is that you can ask anything you want!  Ask different questions, the same questions…the sky’s the limit, and can be tailored to your child.
If you’re looking for more journal question ideas, here are a few links to check out:

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