DIY 2×4 Wood Pumpkin

Fall is my most favorite season, and I love to decorate for it.  I’m always on the lookout for easy, inexpensive and cute decor, and this 2×4 wood pumpkin fits the bill!

DIY 2x4 Wood Pumpkins

DIY 2×4 Wood Pumpkin

These darling wood pumpkins are so easy and fun to make! It’s a simple afternoon project, and most of the time is for the paint to dry. Pumpkins are perfect fall decor September through November, so you can make these and keep them up!

2×4 wood is so inexpensive, and because you can get several sets out of one board, this makes it the perfect project to do with someone (or as a group), or for gifts. Consider making them in different sizes in sets…for your porch, shelf, mantel, or counter.

DIY 2x4 Wood Pumpkins

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  • -2×4, cut into four 7 inch pieces (or whatever size you like)
  • -orange spray paint or craft paint
  • -dark stain (I used Minwax Dark Walnut)
  • -lint free cloth (or an old tee shirt)
  • -sandpaper/sander
  • -green satin ribbon (I recommend wire ribbon)


1.  Paint the front, skinny edges of your wood pieces.   You can paint the whole thing if you prefer, but I like the contrast that the wood gives it on the edges.  Let it dry completely.

2.  Sand the edges and front as much as you like!  Take a lint free cloth, dip it in the stain, blot, then rub it gently along the edges and front where you sanded.  A little goes A LONG way, so start out with a tiny bit and add more if you need it.

DIY 2x4 Wood Pumpkins

3.  Tie your ribbon around the blocks, and you’re done!

Super simple, darling, and cheap. Can’t beat that!

DIY 2x4 Wood Pumpkins

*This is a vintage project, first posted in 2010! Updated 2020.

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DIY 2x4 Wood Pumpkins

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  1. Love it! Super cute idea. I have so much scrap wood sitting around. I am excited to try this! Have a great day!

  2. i love this…and im so happy that i have all the stuff to make it….Thanks for sharing..

  3. Great idea! I love it! I did something kind of similiar with some left over wood too. You can check it out at

  4. Adorable! What would it look like with the wood going vertically, though? I'm thinking it would be kind of like the "stripes" on a pumpkin.

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