2×4 Race Track Building Blocks

My boys are two, and totally obsessed with cars, so I created a raceway and building block set out of a 2×4’s They have been a HUGE hit. What I love about it is that they can create roads for their cars (and use larger cars that don’t fit on other race tracks), and also use them as blocks–can’t beat that!
2×4, cut into desired lengths (cars:  5.25 in., long track: 9 in., corner track: 3.5 in.)
Gray spray paint
Craft Paint
Car and road stencils {Martha Stewart}
Brushes {I used Martha Stewart utility and pouncer brushes
Sander or sandpaper
1.  Cut your 2×4 into desired lengths. (see the sizes I used above)
2.  Spray all the blocks gray.  I used Rustoleum’s Granite spray paint, satin finish.  (I would have used the Martha Stewart line, but I didn’t have a gray.) Let dry completely.
3.  Stencil on the road and car, using whatever colors you like!
4.  I could have stopped here, but I didn’t.  I have this internal compelling force to distress everything I make, and despite my husband’s arguments to the contrary, I went to work with my sander.  After all, roads don’t look brand new, do they???!!! However, the paint comes off really fast, so be careful. I know this from personal experience, lol. Use a damp cloth to wipe off the excess dust, and you’re done!  So easy!
I just love how they turned out. Kind of a vintage-y feel to them. Most of all, the boys loved them too.

 You can make as many as you like, creating as big of a raceway as you want to.

I definitely need to make some more! These also work really well inside OR outside, and all the blocks are perfect for stacking.

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