{♥ is for…love blocks}

I just {love} Valentine’s Day!  It’s one of my favorite holidays to decorate for, and I can never resist making a few new things each year.

I made these cutey cute love blocks this week while I was home bound with all my sick kiddos and rainy weather, and I think they are now one of my favorite things!  You all know I love simple, and this definitely fit the bill. I wanted them a bit more substantial, and able to hold their own on a mantel, so I used 2×8 blocks–perfect!

So, so easy, and oh, so cute!


-2 x 8, cut into two pieces:  6 inches wide, and 12 inches wide

-white spray paint, red spray paint

-vinyl lettering (see other option below)



1.  Cut your 2×8 into two pieces:  6 inches wide and 12 inches wide.  Remember, Home Depot will cut your wood for you, if you don’t have access to tools at home, so you can still make these!

2.  Spray paint the smaller piece white, and the larger piece red.  Let dry completely.

3.  Sand all the edges, and the fronts to get that distressed look.  I like it to be more faded, so I sand quite a bit, but you can do it less if you prefer.  Wipe off the wood with a damp rag, getting all the paint dust off.

4.  I cut the vinyl on my Silhouette, using a heart from the Silhouette store, and the My Own Topher font for the text.  Use red vinyl for the smaller piece–the heart, and white vinyl for the larger piece.  Apply vinyl, and you’re done!

OPTION 1: If you don’t have a Silhouette, you can always order vinyl. There are a lot of companies out there that sell it–just do a quick google search and quite a few will come up.

OPTION 2:  If you don’t want to order vinyl, there is another easy option for you–you just need cardstock, a computer, and a printer!  Design your text in Word, Powerpoint, or similar program, and print onto cardstock, or even cute scrapbook paper (as long as you can still see the words).  The larger piece of wood is 12 inches wide, so if you design and print that one landscape onto a 8×5 x11 piece of paper, it will be the perfect width for your block.  Mod podge them on your blocks!!!

OPTION 3:  You could also use stencils, die cuts, or even stickers–take a look around your local scrapbook store, Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, or other craft store, and you will probably be able to find something that will work.


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  1. So cute! What a great idea, and love the tips for just using your printer.

    1. My most favorite spray paint is Rustoleum–you can buy it at Home Depot, and I’ve seen it at other retailers. The red is Colonial Red, and the white is just their semi-gloss white.

    1. It’s the “eight piece scalloped heart set 2”. There are eight hearts, several are scalloped, and a couple aren’t–all of different “fatness”. Lol. Hope that helps!!! xoxo

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